about the chef…

Most days you can find me in my kitchen, cooking up a storm with my daughter Violet watching, learning, and often singing along to some tunes.

She is still young but once she is more of an avid wee foodie, look for my sister blog “Cooking for Violet”

Mostly I cook for my family which in addition to the most amazing baby in he world includes my wonderful husband. My brothers, in-laws, and mom are also recipients of my kitchen creations.

An abuse counsellor and visual artist I am by no means a professional chef. I have been cooking at home for over 15 years and have some pretty awesome recipes to show for it that I would love to share with you. I promise that all the recipes posted on this site are tested, loved by my entire family, and for the most part pretty simple technique wise. Not all of them are healthy, but as my father would say ” butter is one of the good things in life ” and sometimes you just have to go all out.

My influences in the kitchen include my mom, Alton Brown, Julia Child, and Michael Smith. I like simple food that impresses and am always tweaking things to see if I can make them just a bit better or slightly more exciting without more work.

I hope you and all the lucky folks you share your cooking with enjoy my recipes – thanks for stopping by.


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